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CLEANCROP BRONCO® (450 g/ltr Glyphosate) is a systemic, non-selective herbicide for the control of grass and broad leaf weeds as well as weeds whose active ingredient is absorbed through the green parts of a plant (leaves, shoots, non-woody bark) and transported with the sap flow to underground plant parts (roots, stolons, etc.). Within approximately 24 hours after application of the product, plant growth is suppressed and necrosis begins.

First symptoms of the product effect, such as yellowing and wilting, are visible within the first week of use. High temperatures and high humidity as well as strong sunlight accelerate the effect.

  • Concentrated, high quality formulation provides savings in transport, storage costs and packaging waste.
  • Excellent rainfastness

Product features

  • Highly concentrated, high quality formulation: 450 g/l Glyphosate - Savings in transport, storage costs and packaging waste
  • Excellent rainfastness