In the field of crop protection and nutrition, we are continuously working to provide you with reliable solutions and products of the highest quality. This is also true in the field of digital precision farming.

Our major goal is to make your farm even more efficient and sustainable in its use of resources. For this reason, we develop digital solutions together with our partners so that your farm can operate optimally now and in the future.


Field-wide Success through Digital Networking

Our digital platform for modern agriculture, with which you can individually plan processes, monitor your plant stock and significantly simplify daily operations on the farm.

  • Save resources now  
  • Increase efficiency
  • Stable yields and regular income even when resources are scarce

Ready to use in just 15 minutes.

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Our SKYFLD Technology Partners

CropX Technologies

The CropX soil sensor provides up-to-date data on nutrients and the water balance in the soil. Use both systems to your advantage and know early on what is best for your soil and the plants growing on it. The CropX data will soon be available in our SKYFLD system. Based on it, you can manage your field even more efficiently, saving time, resources and money.

Plantix App - Your Plant Doctor

With the new feature from the well-known "Plant-Doctor" app from our partner Plantix, you are well prepared for the next attack of disease. The feature integrated in SKYFLD easily and quickly diagnoses plant diseases via smartphone camera and suggests an optimal and individual treatment in case of infestation.

HELM Software

The best for office and field. We are pleased to have gained a strong partner in HELM Software. Thanks to the digital networking with HELM’s field records and the SKYFLD plant cultivation tool, everyday processes can be simplified and resources saved. HELM and HELM - together for your farm.