Are digital events the future?

With 2021 still holding many of the challenges we faced in 2020, physical events seem to be a distant memory. Globally we have faced the most challenging times of our generation with the Covid 19 pandemic affecting every aspect of life. With so many in so much hardship, the lack of industry events seems small in comparison. However, they are a keyway to access support for many. With physical events seeming increasing unlikely this season, we’ve been asking ourselves how can we ‘covid-proof’ our events and look to digital options now and in the future.

Seeing is believing

Traditionally our industry uses event to show how products work – manufacturers give you the ‘reasons to believe’ in our offerings, but also advice on how to get the best from them in the context of your wider farming practices. The success of these events are built around the ability for you to get hands on, but we’re glad to say that we’re already looking in to how we can develop content to give you a hands on experience in different ways…

Sharing experiences with digital technology

360˚ Field Days
By innovatively filming the trials plots throughout the seasons and then creating a virtual trial site to allow you to attend a site virtually, we hope you’d get a great experience even remotely. Content would include 360 360˚ plots comparisons supplemented with additional lab photography, expert interviews (farm and supplier, don’t just take our word for it!)

Ask the expert sessions
Live streamed round table discussions with technical and retail experts discussing farming challenges and solutions.  If we can’t physically be in the same place, then this is the next best thing.  HELM can work as an aggregator of content from multiple sources in this scenario.n.

Live digital trial visits
Transmitting live content from our sites in season. With the evolution of Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok for live streaming…the sky is the limit. Speaking of which…we’d also love to get smart and try to incorporate content from our digital SKYFLD® platform – giving you video, satellite and data insights.  Super techy and super valuable!

We’ll keep you posted on how our plans progress.  We hope a HELM digi event will be coming to a screen near you soon!

If you’re interested in working in partnership with us on an initiative, then please contact your local sales representative.