The Agricultural landscape is ever changing.  Whether it is the unpredictability of weather, volatility of global food markets or the pressure to crop sustainability from weeds, pests, disease and resource availability; farmers have never had more challenges. HELM CROP SOLUTIONS is dedicated to developing and marketing solutions for the protection and optimization of crops globally.  Our growing portfolio of products include best in class chemistry to aid crop protection and data-driven digital solutions to optimize inputs.

With more than 100 subsidiaries and offices in more than 30 countries we are focused on worldwide support.

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Prevent the spread of weeds and grass weeds in your fields.

Plant Growth Regulators

Keep your plants strong and sturdy until the harvest.

Digital Agriculture

Our Digital Solutions for Your Yield

We are continuously working to provide you with modern and reliable solutions of the highest quality. 

Our digital products from the field of precision farming are designed to make your workday easier and your farm even more transparent, efficient and sustainable.

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Leading the digital transformation in agriculture towards environmentally and economically sustainable farming is the Plantix vision. HELM and Plantix join forces as of now to scale the Plantix vision globally.

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HELM AG (“HELM”) and Unium Bioscience Ltd (“Unium”) expand their recently announced strategic partnership with HELM becoming a shareholder in Unium, effective as of now.

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Hamburg (October 12, 2022) – An important step into the future of easy farm digitalization: HELM AG (HELM) enlarges its digital Crop Solutions by releasing a mobile app for the SKYFLD® Crop Health Management System.

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HELM AG and Unium Bioscience Ltd announce to enter into a strategic partnership. The new relationship between Unium and HELM will allow HELM to access alternative crop production products in selected regions underlining both companies’ commitments towards sustainable agriculture…

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HELM today announced the launch of its new distribution strategy for Europe. HELM will focus on its own product innovations and closer collaboration with customers. As agriculture continues to evolve, we as a company see the need to create strong, direct relationships and…

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With 2021 still holding many of the challenges we faced in 2020, physical events seem to be a distant memory. Globally we have faced the most challenging times of our generation with the Covid 19 pandemic affecting every aspect of life. With so many in so much hardship, the lack…

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